PSMS Premium Shortcodes

Reseller Premium Short Codes

Premium messaging is the process of using a short code as a way to deliver mobile content (ring-tones, wall-paper, images, mobile coupons, or other information) directly to a mobile device and charge the person for engaging with the short code. This process requires a double opt-in to be able to initiate the charge, the carriers charge the person on their next cell-phone bill, remove their charges, and send the balance to the content provider.

Creating a campaign similar to what is described above to charge opt-ins on their next phone bill requires special provisioning of a campaign, on a "Premium" short code, and only can be provided through certain aggregators.

Amounts that can be charged range from some smaller amounts such as $.10, $.99, $1.99, $4.99, and go up to as high as $29.99 per month.

     » The basics of the process once a campaign goes live:

  1. The campaign is promoted and states for interested parties to Text KEYWORD to (short code) to receive special "Mobile ONLY Content" (ring-tone, wall paper, mobile coupons, etc)
  2. Customer texts in to the premium short code and receives an instant response back from the short code stating something similar to, "Get NHL alerts and behind the scenes photos throughout each month, reply YES to confirm, $1.99 per month to be charged to your cell-phone bill, reply STOP 2end, help 4 help"
  3. Customer confirms by replying YES to the text message and completes the double opt-in.
  4. Customer continues to be charged monthly for the "Premium" alerts until they reply STOP to end the service.

The provisioning process on a PSMS or premium short code can often be over 120 days based on carriers that heavily scrutinize these types of campaigns.

AvidMobile can provide additional information and supports Premium short codes and the provisioning process will be handled by our specialized team. However, initial investment to provision and set-up a PSMS short code is typically around $7,500. Monthly, that approaches $1,500, and carriers take between 46-52% of each transaction depending on carrier and amounts charged.

To get more detailed information and to inquire how to get started and finalize pricing call 1-877-511-MOBI today.