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Reseller Restaurant Collateral

If there was a no-brainer for mobile marketing it is restaurants. They can coupon, easily build databases by giving away free items, and what makes more sense than sending out a mobile coupon at the exact moment most people are hungry?

Whether you have a restaurant or are just looking to sell to these quick adopters there are a variety of options to sell to them that can drive increased revenue:

  • Virtual Punch Card Apps
  • Lead generation with integrated keyword campaigns
  • Loyalty marketing with text-marketing services and database building through POS campaigns
  • Mobile websites/apps that can carry their menu, link to their online ordering, have their maps and more.
  • Customer response surveys
  • And more

Benefits of Mobile Communication/Marketing for Resaturants

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty

    Proper utilization captures your customers in-venue and allows for continued communication directly to the cell-phone in the future resulting in a plethora of benefits including: increased number of transactions per client, increased per transaction, growth of social networks, adding email databases, or even driving awareness of new items.

  • Lead Generation

    Combining the "Mobile Call-to-Action" with traditional campaigns like outdoor, radio, print, etc increases the effectiveness of those media dramatically. Want to drive new customer acquisition? Want to help your clients “Steal Business” from their competition? Our training programs teach lead generation strategies that will work for different industries.

  • Track Effectiveness of Traditional Advertising

    For the first time ever Short codes allow a business to generate quantifiable results off of traditional campaigns. The result is cost-savings by cut-backs on media that do not provide a Return-on-Investment. "Mobile saves wasted ad dollars"

  • Real-Time Notification and Updates

    Instantly connect with your clientele in-venue or out with interactive engagements like polls, games, giveaways. You can even send Food Specials and VIP Specials and event reminders to drive additional revenue.

  • Marketing Consultation and Support

    AvidMobile specializes in strategies that are proven to build large databases of your exact demographic, and then leverage more revenue out of them. Our team does a lot more than supply technology to accommodate your goals; we help you create, manage, and deploy your campaigns.