9 Things You Can White Label

Learn How to White Label!

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AvidMobile provides more programs that can be white labeled easily and for a profit than any other provider in the space. Providing more services that can be white labeled equates to more opportunities to be able to increase residual revenue.

» What Services does AvidMobile provide direct to our Reseller partners that can be white labeled and sold?

Mobile Marketing Services

SMS/Text-Message Marketing enhanced by Mobile Websites and apps.

Custom Mobile Website Development

Have a client that needs something that one of our two mobile website/app builders can't produce? Contract the project with the client direct, and the AvidMobile development team will knock the project out quickly so you make a profit.

Smartphone Application Development

Certain clients have a need for "Native" application development and you can rely on the in-house development team at AvidMobile to help you scope out the project, price it effectively, and build it timely so you make the maximum amount of profit.

Real-Estate Programs

The AvidMobile Real Estate mobile marketing platform for Realtors that integrates with MLS can be white labeled and sold for serious profit. Hundreds of thousands of realtors are out there looking for new ways to drive business, and you can provide them the best lead generator.

Scratcher Games

One of the easiest and fastest ways to help businesses grow their databases is to create engagements that people are excited about. The AvidMobile Scratcher game can be white labeled and resold for a profit and businesses are eating it up!

Social Media Management

Manage the social networks of any brand for extra residual revenue every month and utilize our expert team to do all of the work for you.

SEO/SEM - Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Whether wanting to sell small or large packages to drive web and mobile web traffic to a clients site, AvidMobile provides our resellers and white label partners with programs that has great margins when sold to your customers.

Logos, Branding, or Collateral Design

Have a client getting ready to start promoting their new mobile marketing services and need the right collateral for their event? AvidMobile's team of designers can knock it out quickly and you can sell it as if it were your own personal team!

Website Development

Have a client that needs a new website? AvidMobile can provide the entire build-out and at wholesale cost, you make it up for profit and contract direct.