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It doesn't matter if you are a regular business looking for mobile communication services or a potential SMS reseller searching for the best white label platform, you are at the right place. AvidMobile provides the industry's most robust mobile marketing platform that does everything you need and more. From SMS (text message) campaigns, mobile websites, native applications, email, kiosks, virtual business cards, real estate programs, and built-in billing systems, it's all here. Start your mobile marketing adventure today and test out our application for free by getting your trial account.

The Communication Platform

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SMS Marketing Campaigns:

Create any type of mobile marketing campaign in minutes on one of the many short codes we provide. Or we can provision your own! Text2win, surveys, keywords, mobile coupons, text2screen, and many more are available out-of-the-box for you.

resell mobile websites smartphone apps

Mobile Websites and Native Apps:

Not only can you build an SMS campaign, but you can link it right to your mobile website or native app that you build right inside the same platform! Choose a template, customize the colors, add images and video of your products, contact pages and forms, and deploy in seconds.

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Email, Kiosks, Virtual Business Card Apps, and More.

The AvidMobile application has so many advanced features and tools to use that you will be blown away. Go ahead and test it out now with a trial account on us. You will be impressed, and if you aren't... well it was a free trial wasn't it?

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How We Guarantee Your Success!

Lowest Wholesale SMS pricing:
We power more short codes internationally than anyone in the space, work with 5 different aggregators, and send millions of messages each month for quality brands.

We share our buying power to provide you the lowest SMS prices anywhere, guaranteed.

Greatest Support System
Years of selling to every different industry from manufacturing to multi-level direct sales has taught us something. We help you get started quickly not just with technology but with 1-on-1 support to make sure your campaigns run smoothly.

For white label partners we provide the industry's ONLY Mobile Marketing Certification program (on-demand educational series).

More Uptime and the Features You Need
AvidMobile's in-house development team continues to turn out new features that actually work in the real world. Your business and credibility is at stake, and the features and services have to be available and work correctly when you need them. We have you covered.

Start your free trial today or download our pricing and features guide.
The only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself, and we make it free to do so.