International Messaging

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International messaging rates to fit your budget and business model

International Messaging
Regardless of where you want to send and/or receive SMS messsages, AvidMobile can provide you the industry’s best rates with the most reliable gateways and easy-to-use API. Navigating the many options available for sending messages can be cumbersome. Not all carriers in every country offer the same messaging services. Having a conversation about your goals and the country you need to send messages in will help us craft the best pricing options for you

2-Way Messaging
Some countries allow 2-way Messaging where you can the end user can send messages back and forth.

1-Way Messaging
Many countries only allow 1-way Messaging where you can send messages to the end user, but they cannot send messages to you.

Short Code
In most countries, this is a 5 or 6 digit Originating Number that is intended for commercial use. Not all countries offer short codes.

Long Code
In most countries, this is a 10+ digit Originating Number with the country code plus mobile number. Not all countries offer short codes.

This is an Originating Number where you are allowed to pick an Alphanumeric Originating number. If the United States offered Alphanumeric Originating Numbers, we would send SMS t our customers from the Originating Number “AvidMobile”.

Fixed Originator
This is a product where the carrier chooses any available Long Code to deliver your message. You will not know what the Originating Number is until the messages are delivered. Fixed Originators are always 1-way Messaging. If the recipient responds, we will not get the message.

International Rates
Contact us today and let us know where you will be sending and/or receiving SMS messages. We will get right back to you on the best rates available.