SMS Application

Build your SMS campaigns on our short codes or your own. Create different campaigns, message databases, build coupons, and much more.

Keyword creation inside of an SMS Application
Set-up is quick and easy whether creating an SMS keyword through the SMS API or through the easy-to-use and responsive interface. Create a keyword on your own dedicated short code or one of our many assigned shared short codes, and people can opt-in by texting that keyword to the code or by entering their mobile number into a form on a kiosk or web page.

Whether your users opt-in from web forms, kiosks, or even by texting in to keywords you can quickly send blast messages to any of these groups. Schedule for immediate delivery or for some time in the future for quick and reliable delivery. Blasting can be done on an individual or group basis through the interface or the API.
Scheduling a blast campaign to be delivered in an SMS Application

Advanced features for an SMS Campaign
Keyword Advanced Configurations
Use keywords to capture email, ask questions, get notifications via SMS or email, prevent repeat hits, and much more.

Auto-Responders, Surveys, Trivia
The application has additional components to allow you to build custom campaigns including auto-responders, trivia contests, text2win, surveys, and even manage social media postings.
Setting up a drip campaign in an SMS Application
Reporting for SMS Campaigns showing message delivery statistics.
Web Widgets and Reporting
Create custom web-widgets to add to your website and capture mobile phone numbers in minutes. View custom reporting showing geo-location of opt-ins, optout reports, redemptions of mobile coupons, and more.
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