Virtual Business Cards



Noted as one of the single best tools for any sales organization or network marketing company this tool is revolutionizing the way people are handing out business cards. When your sales team comes in contact with your potential client all they do is have them type their mobile number into the app on the sales person’s phone. The potential client receives a text message with all of the information of that individual plus a link to that sales reps products. A second text message is delivered that has a link (URL) in it that delivers the .vcf file right to the phone of the potential client. This .vcf file is saved and the sales person’s contact information is immediately imported into the clients phone. The sales representative is delivered a text message of the prospective client’s mobile phone number for easy follow-up later.
Building a virtual business card app inside the application takes less than a few minutes and can be customized to fit your brand down to logos and icons. Try it for free now with a trial account.