Creating the Right SMS Blast

Creating the Right SMS Blast

SMS blasts help businesses convey their messages to large groups of customers simultaneously. An SMS blast is an SMS message sent to multiple phone numbers simultaneously, utilizing an automated messaging system. It leverages the benefits of SMS messaging. As a direct marketing tool, SMS messages from businesses can be perceived to be intrusive and invasive by customers if not utilized properly. So, it is important to practice caution and to ensure that your SMS blasts are created the right way.

SMS blasts can be a very effective mobile marketing strategy for businesses if done right. It provides an instantaneous way to reach out to multiple customers at the same time.

Top 3 Tips for Creating the Right SMS Blast

1. Keep it simple

SMS has been and continues to be a preferred form of communicating due to how brief it is. People don’t like to spend time trying to understand the message you are trying to convey in an SMS message. Keep it simple, focused and concise. The content of your SMS message should be on point without unnecessary, irrelevant information. Stick to the SMS character limit of 160.

2. Provide value

Your customers’ time is precious, so make sure that the few seconds they spend to glance through your message is worthwhile. Provide your customers with some valuable information. Value can come in different forms – discounts, special offers, and useful tips to name a few. Avoid sharing information of no value, such as a link to a feature article on your company.

3. Provide a clear call to action (CTA)

A marketing campaign is less effective without a drive to action. Within those few seconds, you should be able to capture their attention and give them a reason to proceed with some form of conversion. SMS blasts create an opportunity to connect with your customers and CTAs are a great way to leverage it.

Getting the Timing Right

Don’t spam. You spam your customers what you send them messages that add no value. Even if you have created the right SMS blast, if you send them too often, you risk becoming a nuisance that customers would rather avoid. So, even with the right text message, it is essential to be mindful of the frequency of your SMS blasts. A bit of trial and error could also help you better understand your audience and their preferences. If response rates decrease or if unsubscribe rates increase at a certain point in time, it could be an indication that you are spamming your customers.

Creating the right SMS blast is certainly possible, but with trial and error. It will take time to master the art of creating the right SMS blasts. Just make sure that the mistakes you make are not detrimental enough to result in a significant loss of your customers. Try out an SMS blast for yourself, sign up for your free-trial with AvidMobile.