Businesses Turn to Text Message Loyalty Programs

More brands are turning to text message loyalty programs.

The text message loyalty program is becoming a favorite among brand owners and companies.  Their popularity and usage increased drastically over the past few years. Additionally, SMS has been receiving positive reviews from customers and brands.  Loyalty programs cover the lacuna faced by customers and establishments. SMS Loyalty has also aided more familiarity and understanding between the participants.  While the customer is abreast of promotions and latest developments, the brand steadily increases its customer base and as a result. It is a win-win situation for both involved parties.

There are two major popular types of text messaging loyalty program interactions, which are text messaging (SMS), and the use of the brands’ mobile applications.  However, the use of text messaging is the most effective and popular when comparing all other mediums.

Text messaging is very convenient for customers because all that is required of them is to register at outlets or by simply dialing an associated code and they will receive responses and updates on promotions, services, and breaking news.  Companies attract new customers while holding on to their precious clients through the brilliance of the text message loyalty program.

Merits of Text Message Loyalty Programs

Customers are easily accessible

In this modern age over 90% of people have access to a mobile phone and as such, enables brands to reach out to them irrespective of their location and schedule; unlike when it had to be physically or by the use of the Internet. This is especially true when it comes to texting.

 Cost friendly and high efficiency

The cost of sending SMS messages is cheap and there is a very high possibility that intending recipients will receive the dispatched messages, unlike the other mediums such as fliers and coupons, which have a large material wastage level.  The same is true for loyalty programs. Adding a text message loyalty program will save you money as all cards are digital.

Deliver reminders to your customers

People tend to forget things easily; therefore, constant interactions will consciously remind the client of the benefits of choosing your services above competing brands.  Both the client and provider feel relevant and in demand thus, raising their confidence and it will have a positive effect on the business.

Regular feedback

Its folly to underestimate the importance of feedback. It helps gather data which will serve as a means of evaluation or future references.  One of the best means of detecting loopholes and defects is by companies engaging the use of customer feedback. With the use of a mobile phone, customers relate with brands for the purpose of better services.

Easy usage

Text message loyalty programs are easy for the end user to use. AvidMobile’s loyalty program makes it easy for your customers to opt-in via landing page set up on a tablet in your store. From there they receive a text message on their phone with a link to their loyalty card. They can show the card during their visit to earn a redemption. To make things even easier the loyalty program kiosk can also be used to track punches. If you forget your phone you can still get your punch.

Are you looking to get started with a text message loyalty program of your own? Visit our website and sign up for a free trial. There you can learn more about how you can use SMS marketing to reach your customers. Happy texting.