AvidMobile’s Text Messaging Services

AvidMobile’s Text Messaging Services

Over 9 years of experience has helped AvidMobile develop industry competitive text messaging services. AvidMobile’s white label reseller program allows resellers to meet their client’s demand for SMS mobile marketing services. For this reason, the application offers a wide range of text messaging services. These services help the clients of reseller partners to leverage the full potential of SMS marketing. Text message marketing continues to be a highly effective marketing strategy. Unlike the other channels of communication, text messaging is direct and personal.

As an AvidMobile SMS white label reseller, you get to take advantage of many helpful features. This includes a built-in billing system, easy client management, training, and resources. All designed to help you grow your mobile marketing endeavors.

Of course, we offer the in-demand text messaging features.

The text messaging services offered together with training and support enables you to help your clients harness the power of mobile marketing in their businesses. We’ve listed our most popular features below.

SMS Keywords and Campaigns

Without a doubt, our two most frequently used features are Keyword and Campaigns. We’ve made it easy to create custom Keywords and responses. On top of that scheduling, a Campaign to your audience is a straightforward process. Additionally, advanced features like Sessions, Drip Campaigns, and Notifications help you do more with SMS. Once a client has established the goal of their campaign, they can proceed with the suitable form of text message. The service also comes with intuitive reporting that helps your clients to track and monitor campaign performance at a glance.

One-Time Redemption Coupons

The one-time redemption coupon service allows reseller partners to offer white-labeled mobile coupons to their clients. These coupons can be sent and shared to the target audience via text messages. The one-time redemption type of coupons can only be redeemed once which can help prevent coupon fraud. They are very easy to setup and manage.


SMS contests are great at generating buzz and capturing leads. You and your clients can easily run contests and sweepstakes via text messages with the application. The service comes with support for several contest types and features such as selection of variable winners, automated winner selection, and notification.

Kiosk Builders

The Kiosk building service allows you to build landing pages in seconds. Generally speaking, this will make it easier to opt-in. Furthermore, landing pages play a key role in supporting text message marketing campaigns. With a single call to action, customers are able to focus on the discount or offer.

AvidMobile goes the extra mile with training & support.

AvidMobile provides other services in addition to the text messaging services. These additional services include:

  • Automated carrier compliance
  • Reseller on-boarding
  • Monthly webinars
  • Mobile marketing certification
  • Video tutorials
  • Sales training & assistance
  • Reusable sale presentations
  • Business and marketing resources.

To summarize things AvidMobile is a viable competitor in the text messaging industry. Not to mention the fact that we offer you the best training and support.