White Label Mobile Websites-What is that?

When a Marketing Company, a web development company, or an advertising agency gets into the Mobile Marketing world for the first time, there are a plethora or services that one can offer. You can provide SMS texting capabilities, you can give the client access to QR codes to help spread their message and brand, and you can also offer these businesses a mobile website. With the Mobile Website, they can tie in the campaigns to the marketing they’re doing currently, utilize keywords and shortcodes, utilize QR codes, and amplify their reach. We often hear this question “I see you all offer an advanced builder for White Label Mobile Websites-What is that?”

With many of the mobile Website “converters” or “builders”  you can incorporate some neat functions, but many of the developers  make sure that the client knows who built that platform to convert their site. Maybe their URL is www.webconverter.com/(your business name here). So the client is getting their mobile site out there, but it doesn’t even look like it is theirs! That’s where the AvidMobile Advanced Mobile Website Builder comes in. With our builder, you can create sexy, sophisticated, and engaging White-label Mobile Websites that have top-level functionality. You can post videos, link in with Facebook and other Social media sites, share promotions or upcoming events, and even start generating revenue through these websites by using a virtual shopping cart. To help with the branding of the company and their White Label Mobile Website, yYou can mask the site address, or you can just link it to your desktop site so that when people are viewing from their cellphones or tablets, the site will reformat itself to fit that screen. Either way, that White Label Mobile Website is a product that You made, on your platform(my.accessmobilewebsite.com), for your client (www.bestclient.com). It creates a level of credibility for your marketing company, by being able to offer these businesses a site of their own that YOU made.


Don’t just be a middle-man, be the Expert. Call us today at AvidMobile to start selling your clients a White-Label Mobile Website!