Will That Mobile Website Be For Here Or To Go?

One of the biggest emerging trends among fast food and coffee chains is the ability to place a to-go order via mobile app. This is a fantastic idea and a great way for for big businesses to drive additional transactions. While this type of technology is great for larger companies, many small to medium sized businesses do not have the funds or manpower to develop these advanced types of applications. In such a competitive industry how are small and medium sized businesses supposed to keep up?

With the right combination of SMS marketing and mobile websites, small to medium sized businesses can quickly create beautiful mobile websites to drive additional transactions. The best part is that these services are obtainable for any size budget.

With AvidMobile’s Mobile Website Builder our users can quickly create mobile websites using HTML or existing pre-built contact forms to allow their mobile customers to place orders online. The order forms are simply completed and sent to an email address that is monitored by the staff. Upon receipt of an order form the establishment can produce the order and have it ready for the customer to pick up. The process is straightforward for both the customer and business. It’s a great way to drive additional revenue.

In addition to online ordering the mobile website allows businesses to remain relevant in a mobile-first world. Earlier this year, Google made mobile-friendly updates that rank mobile websites higher on mobile searches. By creating mobile websites businesses become more accessible to current and potential customers during a mobile search. One must remember that mobile customers who are conducting mobile searches are nearing the purchase stage and looking for key pieces of information to help them make their decision. An easy-to-find and relevant mobile website is a great way to influence the consumer and get them to purchase the product.

If your business isn’t currently utilizing a mobile website or SMS marketing, then now is the time to start. Maybe you know several businesses that could benefit from these services. By becoming a white label reseller you can sell these services for profit. Check out our website for more info and to try out AvidMobile for free.