Virtual Business Cards



Avon Virtual Business Cards
Like so many network marketing companies Avon realized that the hardest thing any new representative can ever do is start a conversation with someone that ultimately gets them to their replicated affiliate website and secures a transaction or recruit. The AvidMobile proprietary virtual business card developed specifically for network marketing companies solves the issue plus adds inherent other awesome advantages.
The process is extremely simple for any Avon representative. They enroll as a member of Avon and are immediately issued their virtual business card that integrates with their replicated website. They then can immediately go out and start a conversation with someone asking them if they can give them one of their business cards. When the potential customers says yes, they hit the app icon on their phone opening their vCard app. The potential client or representative then types their own mobile phone number into the phone of the Avon rep delivering 2 SMS messages immediately to their phone as well as opting them into future remarketing via SMS by Avon.
The 2 text messages delivered to the potential customers’ phone carry the representatives information and a link that directs them instantly to the affiliate site of the Representative. The Rep can then direct the potential customer to click the link and look at video, products, or even buy now while they are standing in front of the customer. This provides instant credibility for that representative and ensures more people get immediately to the representative’s website.
The second text message that is delivered to the potential customer carries a link that when selected immediately downloads the .vcf file that instantly saves the contact information of that representative into the potential client’s own cellphone contact list.
The results are tremendous. Each representative builds a database of potential customers and potential future representatives every day with every virtual business card they handout. As these databases build they can be remarketed to with new opportunities, new products, sales, and much more resulting in additional sales and faster downline growth.