3 Tips for Choosing Great SMS Keywords


3 Tips for Choosing Great SMS Keywords

As with any marketing endeavor, branding and creativity are key. The same is true when it comes to selecting SMS Keywords. With a variety of options out there, choosing one can be a difficult task. Keywords are some of the first interactions that customers may have with your brand. Lengthy keywords or multiple keywords can be confusing and deter customers from opting in, while more generalized keywords may not be available on shared short codes.

The AvidMobile support team compiled three tips to help you choose the best keyword for your next mobile marketing campaign.

Avoid generic SMS Keywords.

It’s easy to choose PIZZA, HAIRCUT, or other similar keywords for your SMS marketing campaign, however the majority of small businesses are on shared shortcodes where generic keywords are likely to be in use. In addition, these keywords do not create excitement for the customer.

Small business should instead try to use keywords that reflect either the brand name or unique products or services they offer. This makes it easier for customers to remember specific items and helps the brand to highlight the products they are proud of. While a pizza place may be inclined to use PIZZA as a keyword, they should think outside the box. Consider using proper names such JONSPIZZA, the name of a popular product, or the name of a famous service. Doing this can help you to create more cohesive marketing messages and attract more customers.

Shorter SMS Keywords work better.

We’ve seen some mobile marketers create some lengthy keywords for their campaigns. While this definitely guarantees that they have a unique keyword, it can also lead to customer errors when opting in. This can be especially confusing when attempting to combine separate words or words that may be somewhat difficult to spell.

You always want to test a keyword campaign before making it live to see how easy it is to opt in to. We also recommend that if you combine two words into one, such as DANCECLASS, you also set up a keyword with the same reply to capture people that opt into to DANCE CLASS. Now if the end user makes a mistake you are still capturing the opt in and have the ability to re-market to them at a later date.

Use different SMS Keywords to learn more about your audience.

While the majority of small businesses believe that one keyword is enough for their mobile marketing needs, they are missing the mark. By creating multiple keyword campaigns, businesses can better track their marketing efforts. If you have multiple locations then multiple keywords would also be of benefit. This will allow you to understand how your SMS marketing efforts are working across brands and different demographics.

Businesses that attend fairs, conventions, or trade shows would also want to set up separate keywords for those events. This way they can better re-market and connect with people who have opted in at particular times and locations. With separate reporting based on event, product or offer, brands can better harness SMS and use it to engage certain audiences and customers. The AvidMobile team has said it before, but the personal touch is key when it comes to mobile marketing. Customers want to feel special, and gathering more data can help your brand send out rich SMS communications.

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