Mobile Keywords Increase Opt-ins


Mobile Keywords Increase Opt-ins

You’ve done your research and put the pieces into place. Now you’re ready to start building your text message database with mobile keywords!

We all know that success isn’t instant. You’ve worked hard to build your business and you want to let potential customers know. Even with the best price, product, or service it can be difficult to get the word out about your business.

Mobile Keywords and your Marketing Channels

With an overwhelming amount of marketing channels available such as social media, traditional advertising and email, deciding how to get your message in front of customers can be confusing. Using mobile keywords on these channels turns them all into a source for opt-ins. It’s important to incorporate these marketing channels as they can help you increase the reach of your brand. Businesses that have experienced the highest levels of success not only used the above mentioned channels, but also added text messaging marketing. Text providers, like AvidMobile, have made it easy and affordable to to use a text message to build and remarket to your database.

Forbes reports that 64% of consumers want businesses to communicate with them using  SMS marketing messages.

Text marketing starts at the opt-in. Use As mobile marketing continues to expand, marketers and businesses are constantly improving on their SMS mobile marketing strategy. Everyday the number of smartphone users increases, as does the dollar amount spent on mobile marketing to reach these users. It’s clear that mobile marketing is essential, but many marketers and businesses are missing the mark when it comes to their test marketing strategy.

The manner in which a business executes the keyword campaign will determine the pace at which the they grow their database. Businesses who utilize mobile kiosks, social media, and their employees to encourage customers to opt-in are growing their databases faster than their competitors. AvidMobile has seen some of our businesses that have executed this well and added close to 6,000 new mobile numbers in about 60 days, giving them a competitive edge! When they combine this with their existing database they are able to reach twice as many people and drive new business.

With an established database of mobile numbers and email addresses, brands can develop the perfect plan for utilizing the channels. Combine this with a strong understanding of the customer and brands will develop the perfect frequency for delivering SMS and email messages. Marketers can monitor campaigns and test a variety of promotions to gauge the campaigns that perform best based on the communication channel.

AvidMobile is here to work alongside you and provide you with the support and training needed to succeed. Start a text messaging trial today!