Affiliate Marketing vs White Label Partnership

As one of the leading providers in the mobile marketing industry, we receive several inquiries into partnering up with our organization to offer our services. One popular demand is how to become an affiliate to AvidMobile and what are the downsides if any.

While being an affiliate can lead to success, I always advise anyone comparing these two options to choose a white label partnership. First, you are building your own brand and in control of how your business operates instead of someone else. At the same time every client you close belongs to you and if you decide to sell your business or even move on you are capable of doing so and controlling what happens to your entire book of business. In addition a white label reseller makes far more money. For instances most affiliate programs give you a small commission and residual off the set up fee and monthly fee you close a client at, however the real money-maker is the volume of messages each client sends out. Think about it, what if you closed a client that builds up a customer base of 1500 numbers and sends two promotions a month? If you are only making three cents off each text message, that is an additional $90.00 of residual income going right into your pocket. Not to mention as a white label partner you set your own rates and if you were to charge a $299.00 set up, the entire fee would go right into your pocket.

Not comfortable on how to price out clients? No worries, we have a full certification course that walks you through the entire process of pitching and closing mobile marketing. We will not only teach you how to price out clients, but also how to pitch and close them effectively. Along side all the training, we have several sales tools including re brand-able pricing, proposals, agreements, power-points, etc.

When you sit down and compare the options you have, you’ll come to two very clear conclusions. AvidMobile & a white label partnership will give you the best chance to succeed and make the most amount of money possible in this industry.