Why AvidMobile is Your Choice for a Short Code Marketing Reseller

In the emerging world of SMS marketing and taking your business to new frontiers, there are a lot of new names … and a lot that will be forgotten soon.

The nature of any market development has followed this pattern since modernization. But there are a number of reasons that AvidMobile should be your choice as your Short Code marketing reseller, and it’s more than just dedicated support, real world marketing experience, and the best technology. It’s because we’ve been right where you are now … yes, you, reading this blog post. And we know what works, and what doesn’t. And we’re here for the long haul.

Our Short Code Marketing team has dedicated, protected short codes on a limited number of clients, which provides value two-fold. One, it enables us to defray the high cost and hassle of establishing one’s own short code, only to use a fraction of its capability. And two, it gives you an experienced team watching technical issues and compliance like a hawk. Such peace of mind of uptime and carrier communication can only be obtained through experience, and we are willing to put that to work for you.

Have you considered the possibilities of your short code? The team at AvidMobile has, and would love to tell you about exciting ways we’ve found to succeed in an emerging market with a potentially limitless upside. This world is yours for the taking, you just have to reach around … to us.

So why wait? Our account managers will be happy to talk to you not just about offering you a product, but how you can build your business to succeed. Feel free to look around if you like. I think you’ll find that when it comes time to select a Short Code Marketing Reseller, you’ll come back to AvidMobile. And you’ll be more than happy that you did.