New Features From Avidmobile to Reseller Integrated Billing

AvidMobile Adds New Features to Reseller Integrated Billing

Kansas City, Missouri – August 3rd, 2016 – AvidMobile, an industry leader for white labeled mobile marketing resellers and SMS API, announces today the addition of several features for their Hosted Signup Pages (HSP) which is already a powerful part of their Integrated Billing.

Integrated Billing is an entire suite of billing features that allows a reseller to signup, invoice, and charge their customers. The only outside service provider needed is a payment processor. Integrated Billing currently works with, PayPal Pro, and PayPal. Additional payment processors will be added in the future.

The two new features, dubbed Trial Period and Required Payment, allow the resellers to use Integrated Billing and Hosted Signup Pages in new ways and for many business models not previously supported. Trial Period allows a reseller who is using Integrated Billing to sign up a customer with the Hosted Signup Pages for a Trial Period. This is a common practice for Software as a Service companies. The Trial Period allows the newly signed up customer to try out the services for free for 30 days.

Required Payment allows the reseller to require or not require payment details at the time the customer signs up. If the Required Payment is turned off, the customer will not have to enter any payment information in order to have their account created. If Required payment is turned on, the customer will have to enter payment information in order to have their account created. Using these two new features allows our resellers to sign up customers for a paid account, free account, and a free trial with or without payment details required at the time of signup.


AvidMobile is a leading provider of SMS Aggregation, Mobile Coupons, and other Text Message services.  With a robust SMS API and an enterprise level application clients can utilize some of the best SMS prices in the space along with many tools and resources to meet their technology and communication needs.  With options such as API’s to send and receive SMS via short and long codes, an application for businesses that need a management system, or even a white labeled application for resellers to resell, the options are endless.