Being a White-Label Reseller of SMS technology

There are many different technology companies out in the mobile marketing space these days that is can be hard to decided on a specific company to provide your SMS technology. There are many things to keep in mind when you are deciding on a provider for text message marketing including rates, benefits, pricing flexibility and most importantly the technology behind the SMS platform pushing your mobile marketing messages out to your current customer database. If you are looking for the best pricing deal out there then you could be mislead my companies claiming they can send out SMS messages for absolutely free of charge or unlimited messaging. Companies that claim they can send out unlimited text messages for no money at all are probably not sending out carrier grade (SMPP) messages that truly get delivered to customers phones. Most of these companies are sending out text messages through SMTP which can be an email server or other methods of unreliable technology where as little as 5-35% of all text messages are actually being received by the end users. So make sure to keep in mind that cheap might not always be the best route to go when choosing a provider in the mobile world. Maybe sure you are signing up with a company that can actually deliver text messages to your customers, reliable send times, a platform that will truly be reliable is much more important for your company to ensure those messages are being deliver to your customers in real time.

Now there are also other important factors to consider about a company if you are wanting to become a white-label reseller of SMS technology. Another factor such as customer support because when it comes to learning a whole new platform and technology you are most likely going to want to go with a company that will give you the proper training and guidance when learning all the ways you can setup campaigns, send out messages, etc. Some companies will sign you up and then you will never be able to get a person on the phone to help you out with issues, questions/concerns or troubleshoot your legitimate problems to a help and support center. With AvidMobile you never have to worry about any of these problems or being misguided by a company who has bad intentions for their resellers.