What is a Short Code Marketing Reseller?

There is a new trend brewing in the world of marketing. I guess it makes sense that this rising trend would come to fruition, since 90% of the population has a text enabled phone. That’s right, I am talking about text message marketing. Text message marketing, also none as short code marketing, is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to reach your current and potential customers with an instant communication. But how is this accomplished? The main ingredient that you need to market in this manner is what is called a short code. This is a quick break down of how short code marketing works.

In order to provide this service you first need to get yourself a short code. There are dozens of companies out there that can provide short code marketing to the end user. Have they all went out and spent the thousands of dollars needed to secure themselves a short code? Probably not. Most of the providers in the space that offer short code marketing or SMS marketing to the end user are licensing their short codes and platform from a what is called a tier one provider of short code marketing or a short code marketing reseller.

There are only a hand full of true tier 1 short code marketing resellers in the space. The questions becomes then, if you want to start your own SMS marketing company, how do you choose a provider? Here are a few tips on choosing a short code marketing reseller. 1) Make sure they are an application provider 2) Make sure they have more than just 1 or 2 short codes to work with. This will increase the effectiveness of finding keywords for your clients and save you from disaster in case a short code ever goes down. (It does happen occasionally) and   3) Make sure that they have real world experience in teaching you how to sell the service correctly. Remember short code marketing is still a relatively new despite text messaging being around for quit a while, so selling it to a non tech savvy business owner will take the proper know how.

So if you are looking to start your on SMS marketing company be sure to ask the the above 3 questions to any potential short code marketing reseller that you are thinking of working with and you will most likely end up with one of the best short code marketing resellers available.