Boost Your SMS Marketing Reach

Boost Your SMS Marketing Reach

Marketers will agree that mobile marketing is an essential part of the marketing plan. Today brands are utilizing SMS marketing to engage their audience, drive conversions, and increase revenue. Report after report shows that SMS marketing is a powerful tool and cannot be ignored.

With open rates of 98% audiences are seeing SMS marketing messages.

In mobile’s early stages it was seen as a basic communication channel. As mobile continues to emerge marketers understand that it has become so much more. Consumers have developed intense relationships with their mobile devices and use them for trusted and intimate communications. Marketers that understand this are utilizing SMS marketing to create personalized custom messages to engage their audience.

As a mobile marketer how do we best utilize SMS marketing to create deep connections with our target audience?

Marketers currently using SMS marketing to engage their audience and drive transactions rely on  data to support their decisions. By understanding your target audience you can determine the best way to communicate with them. SMS marketing has opened the door for brands to consumer communication, regardless of time or location. To truly harness this power brands must be willing to  do the research and truly gain an understand of their customer.

Check out these questions marketers should ask when planning SMS marketing communication.

Why did the audience agree to receive SMS marketing messages? Keep all communications in line with this. If the subject changes the audience may be inclined to opt-out as they may feel things were changed on them.

What is the best SMS marketing campaign type to communicate with your audience? Do they respond best to  mobile coupons, text to win contests, or SMS blasts?

When is the best time to send SMS marketing messages? Take a look at the industry and customer. A short survey can help determine the best frequency for delivering SMS messages.

Mobile marketing is a fully interactive communication channel. Those that experienced the greatest success with it understand their customers and established the best way to communicate with them.

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