Engage your Audience With Text to Win Contests

Drive user engagement with text to win contests.

On a regular basis businesses across the country use SMS platforms to run text to win contests. AvidMobile knows that we all a chance to win gift cards, products, or even electronics! No matter the size of your business text to win contests are an affordable marketing tool that produces a high ROI. SMS marketing allows businesses to send their customers text messages for new product releases, SMS coupons, and reminders about upcoming events and specials. With text-to-win contests, brands can further expand the communication channel and create exciting contests to interact with their audience.

SMS text-to-win contests are a great way for businesses caputre new customers and remarket to existing customers. Just like keyword campaigns, text-to-win campaigns are triggered by a keyword opt-in. The text-to-win campaign allows businesses to build a custom reply message, a winner reply, and non-winner reply. Once set up, the campaign requires minimal management. In most cases, the campaign manager can view reporting to track winners.

Four Types of Text To Win Contests

When creating text to win contests AvidMobile understands that it’s not one contest fits all. AvidMobile has created Contests to allow our users to choose from 4 contest types.  We’ve made it simple to create custom text to win contests. Additionally, we’ve made it possible to add SMS coupons to any of your contest reply messages. This allows our users to do more with Contests.

  1. Every Nth Entry:  Every 250th person to opt in will receive the winner reply message, up to 10 winners.
  2. First N Entries Win: The first 250 people to opt in will receive the winner reply message.
  3. Nth Entry Wins: Lucky texter 250 will receive the winner message, a single winner only.
  4. Random: Text the KEYWORD to the SHORTCODE to enter. Winner(s) will be chosen at random when the contest expires.

Final thoughts on Text to Win Contests

When it comes to text-to-win contests there are a variety of industries and businesses that can benefit. Currently, the top three industries running contests are entertainment, technology, and music. These industries, as well as others, have seen 8x the number of entrants when they use SMS marketing to run their contests. By combining traditional marketing, social media, and SMS marketing contests, brands are growing their databases and driving new business. Want to see a text-to-win in action? Sign up for a free trial today!