Mobile Marketing Tips: Drive Traffic With These 5 Techniques

Five Mobile Marketing Tips to Help Drive Traffic.

Mobile Marketing Tips to Help Drive Traffic.

AvidMobile has 5 mobile marketing tips to help your brand minimize downtime. With mobile marketing, businesses can create opportunity and increase transactions in their stores. Mobile marketing is an easy and affordable tool that is complemented by its high ROI. Start driving additional transactions for your restaurant, salon, or retail store today. Check out these 5 mobile marketing tips that will excite your customers and bring traffic to your business.

5 Mobile Marketing Tips

1. Start building your mobile marketing strategy today

Planning is one of the most important steps when building your mobile marketing strategy. What do you want to achieve? Take a moment to determine the goals for your business. By mapping this out it will make it easy to determine if mobile websites, SMS coupons, or web-based kiosks are best for your business.

2. Find the best Mobile Marketing Application Provider

The team at AvidMobile would consider this to be one of the most important of the mobile marketing tips. Do your homework, not all mobile marketing providers are equal. After setting goals and building your mobile marketing strategy, reviewing providers will be easier. For the most part all mobile marketing applications will have similar features. For many, it comes down to pricing and customer support.

3. Growing a database is essential to your success

Start opting-in members today! You identified your goals, built your strategy, and chose the perfect application provider. Now it’s time to build your database. Spend the $100 on a tablet and have your employees opt-in every customer that enters your place of business. It does not-inter if they are a new or existing customer, you want to capture their mobile number. If you have twenty customers a day in a week’s time you can have a database of 140 members. In just a month that’s over 500 people that you can remarket to. Don’t wait. Start building your database today.

4. Create a real value for your customers

When remarketing to your database there are some important factors to take into consideration. You should have a strong understanding of your clientele and their purchasing habits. By creating value and an experience for your customers they will be inclined to visit your business instead of a competitor’s. It’s better to send 1 or 2 promotional messages a month with an enticing offer than to give customers a minimal discount every week.

5. Combined marketing efforts produce the best results

Look at your current marketing strategy. Do you run TV spots, send out mailers, or rely heavily on social media? Mobile marketing can easily be integrated with these traditional forms of marketing to build a fully interactive experience.You can continue to send out mailers with coupons, but add a section inviting people to opt into your mobile club. Reward them for doing so with a special mobile-only offer. If they are opting in for a mobile coupon at your place of business, then sharing the coupon on social media is simple. With a tap of a button the coupon can be posted on their wall, and their friends and family can opt in too. By doing so you can provide them with a special gift! Don’t be afraid to get creative.

We hope will find these 5 mobile marketing tips to be helpful. Looking to try out mobile marketing for yourself? AvidMobile allows you to try out our mobile marketing application free of charge for 30 days.