Get Started With A Short Code Company

Start your short code company today!

Launching your own short code company requires hard work and attention to detail. For this reason, it’s clear why AvidMobile has introduced The Mobile Marketing Company in a Box. This all-inclusive package is the way to go for individuals wanting to start their own short code marketing company from the ground up. To summarize AvidMobile checks all the boxes with this exclusive program. We deliver 100% of everything you need in order to get going fast with the least amount of cash out-of-pocket. Most importantly your short code company is up and ready to go in a short period of time.

Those starting out with short code marketing are tying themselves up. Ultimately, they are spending to spending too much time and money building a website,  business cards, logos, branding, collateral, and more. Unfortunately, the truth is you need these things to be a credible business in today’s marketplace.  AvidMobile’s Mobile Marketing in a Box white label resellers will have everything they need to start their short code marketing company. Furthermore, they provide these clients with a series of 1 on 1 training calls.

Things every short code company needs.

A Beautiful Logo

First, provide us with your URL or company name and a brief description of colors or ideas for your logo. In just a few days we will provide you with several professional logos to choose from. Next,  AvidMobile’s support team takes over to start your onboard training.

Marketing Assets & PowerPoints

We will build custom PowerPoint presentations, professional business cards, virtual business cards, leave-behinds, and much more. The best part? Assets always match your company’s branding.

Professional Website

Many design companies charge thousands of dollars for a professional website. We provide you with an interactive custom website.

In addition to the items listed above our support team conducts a series of 1-on-1 boarding and training calls with you. In particular, we help you build pricing plans, add payment buttons, and integrate a payment gateway to automatically charge clients directly from the application. Our hosted signup pages allow new clients to sign up directly from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once their account is created they automatically receive their login credentials and can get started working inside their new short code marketing application. We’ve worked hard to simplify the process for our resellers.

Our team is ready to get you started today. Call us at. 1-877-511-6624.