How to Get a Short Code

Getting a short code for your business is easier than you think.

Everyday business sign up for shared short codes, this is a must for their SMS marketing needs. Factors like marketing goals, budget, and business size are all important when choosing to go with a shared or dedicated short code. No matter which option you choose make sure to back it up with a quality mobile marketing application provider.

Selecting the right SMS short code provider.

Once you have narrowed it down a few providers take your time and conduct some in-depth research. SMS marketing application pricing, features, and support are key to your long-term success. When it comes to a shared short code it is important to understand what would happen if that number was to go down. Ask them about their contingency plan. Sharing a shortcode is ideal for those looking to start their own business. Additionally, this works for businesses with small to medium size marketing budgets as there is it requires a minimal investment.

Once you have decided between a shared short code or dedicated short code and have chosen an application provider you are ready to get started. Start building your first keyword campaign and increasing your database. The faster you scale up the larger your business’ reach.

Final thoughts on Short Codes.

Short codes are perfect for marketing and communicating with customers  because they are easy to remember and look great on marketing materials! Customers text in the keyword they get your brands message back in mere seconds. This can opt that individual’s mobile number into a database for future blast messages. AvidMobile provides the SMS marketing features you want. Sign up for a free trial and discover how we can help you reach your audience one text message at a time.