How Can I Get Started Sending SMS?

How Can I Get Started Sending SMS?

Starting something new can be a daunting process. There is so much to learn, companies to research, rules to follow, and mistakes to make. Here we will try and help you answer the question ‘How can I get started sending SMS?’. I think it is as easy as three steps. Each of those steps is an entire subject in and of itself, but we have to start someone don’t we.

  1. Choose an SMS Service Provider
  2. Start collecting Opt-ins
  3. Send consistent and valuable communication


SMS is a powerful gateway for brands to engage customers and communicate with them on a personal level. On a daily basis we are asked by businesses, much like yourself, if they should be using a short code or a long code to deliver SMS messages. Each has their distinct advantages, and you can learn more about them here.

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There are multiple working parts that are involved when sending SMS messages across US carriers, Canadian carriers, or even carriers worldwide. For those of you who are seriously considering starting with SMS, check out these three things that make this type of SMS messaging possible.

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Integrating your application to send marketing and SMS based communication can be easy with AvidMobile. In addition to our customizable JSON php API, we also provide access to a fully integrated mobile marketing application. If you are looking to build your SMS from the ground up or looking for an already established white application we can help.

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