Start Sending with our SMS JSON API

Start Sending with our SMS JSON API

Integrating your application to send SMS or text message notifications, alerts, mobile marketing messages, or any type of SMS can be easy with AvidMobile’s  SMS JSON API. Plug into one of our shared or dedicated short codes, long codes, or international gateway to deliver 1-way or 2-way SMS messages.

Easy Integration

Integration is easy.  You can use our SMS JSON API directly from the documentation interface and start sending test text messages within minutes. To get started you simply generate your API key, look up whatever originating numbers are assigned to your account or that you lease from us, and voila you are ready to initiate some messaging. Now you can set-up keywords, create responses, deliver individual SMS messages, or send messages to groups of numbers in just one call.

Built in Compliance

We handle your opt-outs for you. When someone replies STOP our system will automatically opt them out, preventing any SMS messages from being sent to that individual. You can easily query the messages you receive or send with various API calls or even through the JSON interface in seconds.

Customer Support

Our team of developers is ready and willing to help you with your project and pricing.  Pricing starts at $.005 or just ½ of a penny for US and Canada SMS messages, and we offer competitive international pricing.

Contact us today, call 1-877-511-6624, or enroll in a free trial and send SMS messages in minutes! Click here for you trial.