How To Price Your SMS Reseller Program To Retain Clients

Conventional wisdom would dictate that clients will naturally gravitate toward the lowest price SMS reseller program they can find. However, this is not necessarily true. Think about how many electronics people buy just to be the first kid on the block with the new toy. Think about how business owners will invest in something just because that’s what the competition is doing and he knows he must sink or swim if he wants to compete. SMS is one of those animals — much like gasoline — that businesses can’t really afford to cut these days.

SMS is used by 4.16 billion people world-wide with no signs of slowing in popularity. To give you an idea of the magnanimity of this trend, consider that 6.1 trillion messages were sent out in 2010… which is up from 1.8 trillion in 2007! Given the knowledge that your SMS reseller program is desired by all and that the market is not yet over-saturated by providers, how should you price your services to attract business and retain clients?

SMS Reseller Program Features Clients Love

  • No monthly fees
  • No setup costs
  • Free incoming messages
  • Discounts on bulk messages

One SMS reseller program provider opted to give clients 10 percent off on 1,200 message per month plans and up to 17 percent off on plans with 50,000 or more sent messages. For a large business, this is nothing, and clients appreciate any discount you’re willing to give them.

Another SMS reseller program opted to offer a 5 percent discount for 20,000 – 40,000 messages up to a 15 percent credit for 100,000+ message plans.

Avid Mobile helps aspiring entrepreneurs get started in the wonderful world of SMS reseller program services.

Offer Amazing SMS Reseller Program Sales

You could also go the route of slashing your prices to insane levels to drum up a wealth of business in a hurry. Some SMS reseller program providers are offering texts for as low as 1 cent! In a world where it’s not unusual to see charges of 10 cents per SMS, you can see the value there. This sort of publicity spreads fast. To handle the influx of business coming in, you’ll probably want to offer this special service as a limited time sale. Some people make this pricing permanent, while others offer the 1 cent texts as a special introductory rate that expires in a year or so.

SMS Reseller Program Referral Promotions

Why not encourage your existing clients to tell their friends all about your mobile marketing reseller services? Give your clients a special discount or bonus for every person they refer to you. It’s hard to beat word of mouth advertising.

SMS Reseller Program Affiliates

You might want to also create an affiliate program where your customers can direct other potential customers to your site by placing an ad or link on their site. The affiliate would then get a 30 percent commission on the sales.

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