Mobile Marketing Technology in the Kitchen

Mobile Marketing Technology in the Kitchen

Choosing the right mobile marketing technology is just as important for a restaurant as building the perfect menu. Let’s say you’ve just planned the grand opening for your new chef-owned restaurant. Of course, the menu is exciting, the food is delightful, and the atmosphere is inviting. You have all the key ingredients to running your own business except for one important thing—the customers.

With mobile marketing technology, you can design custom SMS campaigns to attracts patrons of all demographics. Run advertisements in correlation with your favorite radio station or local newspaper. This will enable you to specifically inform your customers about news and deals! Email marketing is great, but the average open and read rate for a text message is 90 seconds. That is an hour and a half sooner that they could be enjoying dinner at your table.

Mobile Marketing Technology makes it easy to target specific customers.

Organizing a taco night or special Sunday brunch? Set up a keyword campaign for customers to text in so they know just the right time to indulge in their cravings. You can also receive customer feedback by enabling the comment reply feature, allowing customers to make suggestions or just comment on how awesomely decadent your dishes are.

Along with notifying the general public of upcoming events and promotions, you can build Text2Win contests where customers can participate for a chance at a free dinner for two—or whatever you choose!

Go mobile now to learn how you can benefit from all of our text message marketing services and get your name on the map. Let customers taste the difference between some boring old diner and your innovative feasting experience!

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