Mobile Responsive Email: Engage Millennials

Mobile Responsive Email: Engage Millennials

A recent article by Marketing Land discusses why millennials prefer mobile responsive email over social media for direct communication.

Millennials are connected. To clarify, the majority of them have their mobile device within arm’s reach at all hours. These consumers use social media and social apps and engage with them on a daily basis. Similarly, millennials are constantly checking email. Afterall, it’s one of their main forms of communication.  A study by Pew states that 90% of millennials are using the web to send and receive email.

Social apps and media are being used for just that– socializing. Whereas, millennials are using mobile responsive email to engage personally with brands. They expect customer support, updates, and other personal dialogue from brands to take place via mobile responsive emails.  This demographic has drawn a line between social engagement and personal communication. In fact, These consumers want a connection with a brand that is authentic and personal. They are not finding this relationship on social media. Because of this is why email remains an important marketing tool for brands.

Why mobile responsive email matters.

As time progresses, the relationship millennials have with email will remain strong. It is for this reason technology is making it easier for millennials to access their email and engage with brands. Two years ago 61% of webmail users chose mobile.

In addition to mobile responsive email, a brand must use mobile strategies in all of their marketing efforts. If a brand provides mobile responsive emails but has a poorly constructed– or even worse, no mobile website– millennials will disregard the brand. Brands that combine SMS marketing, mobile responsive email and mobile websites are engaging their audiences and driving new business and building loyalty. In that case, brands must remember to keep social and personal relationships separate.

Take a look at your marketing strategy. How are you utilizing mobile responsive email?  Without an effective mobile strategy, you are missing out on business. According to Advertising Age, by 2017 millennials are predicted to be spending  $200 billion dollars annually. Start attracting them today.

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