SMS Marketing On The Rise

SMS Marketing On The Rise

Businesses who want to effectively communicate with customers are using SMS marketing as part of their multi-channel communication plan. As mobile marketing has evolved over the past few years marketers have learned the importance of communication through a variety of different channels. Businesses are using email, social media, mobile friendly websites, and SMS marketing to reach current and potential customers.

By the end of 2015, eMarketer reports that  there will be an estimated 1.19 billion smartphone users worldwide. This number is estimated to exceed 2 billion by 2016! Now is the time to utilize SMS messaging to send thoughtful content directly to targeted audiences.

SMS marketing is an easy-to-incorporate communication channel. In addition to being user friendly, it is affordable and produces a high ROI. There are numerous businesses in a variety of industries who use text marketing to send their customers updates, deals, and even mobile coupons. With SMS marketing these messages are placed directly in the hand of the intended audience at the precise moment.

SMS marketing success speaks for itself. In 2014, 91% of consumers that opted in to receive SMS marketing text messages from businesses found them to be useful and helpful.

Sending emails, posting on social media, and advertising are powerful marketing channels. When you add SMS marketing you expanding your brand’s reach and communicate with your audience on a personal level. Getting started with SMS marketing is easy. Sign up for a SMS marketing free trial today!

If you have a franchise or already handle marketing for several businesses, then becoming a SMS marketing white-label reseller may be a good option for you.