Real World SMS Marketing: Taco Villa

Real World SMS Marketing: Taco Villa

We have said it before, but SMS marketing is one of the most powerful and straightforward forms of mobile marketing. This marketing tool is affordable for businesses to incorporate and easy for customers to interact with. This week we are going to take a look at Taco Villa Fiesta Cafe, a Mexican fast food restaurant located in west Texas.

On a recent trip to West Texas, I was able to enjoy one of their famous fast food restaurants, Taco Villa. Much like a Taco Bell, this establishment serves up a variety of Mexican dishes. As we were in a hurry, all of the passengers opted for the drive-thru.

The SMS Marketing Call To Action

As you enter there is a sign directly above the speaker with large colorful print inviting customers to opt in. The signage was easy to read, provided clear instructions, and contained CTIA compliant opt-in language. Per the collateral, I texted TACOVILLA to 71441 to opt-in and see what they had to offer.

After submitting my keyword to the short-code I immediately received the MT reply message. Thanking me for joining their text club. As a thank you for joining they offered a free burrito with my purchase that day. They did a great job of including compliant CTIA language in their MT reply message too. Three days later I received a text for their $1 bean burrito special.

There were a few things that I thought this restaurant chain did well. First, the signage. Placing was noticeable with easy to read text. It was clear what they wanted me to do. They made it easy for the customer to opt-in and interact with the campaign. Secondly, there was a reward for opting in. It was free burrito with that purchase. This makes the customer feel that their information and time are of value. With their follow up message, it was nice that they did not throw another free offer at the customer. They provided a discount for an item.

My thoughts on the SMS Marketing Campaign

TacoVilla’s SMS marketing campaign was executed well. There were a few minor things they could have improved upon.The first being their website language. The taco chain provides the keyword and opt-in but they forgot their CTIA compliant language. This is a required part of an SMS marketing campaign. I think their website would be stronger if they added the language and the ability to opt in directly from the website using a web-based opt-in. This way customers who were on the site could sign up for mobile specials too. This would help them grow their database and reach more customers.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool that engages customers everyday. If you have ever thought about integrating or even reselling mobile marketing services, then the AvidMobile team is ready to get you started.


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