Mobile Marketing Advantages

Marketers Identify New Mobile Marketing Advantages Daily.

Every day the list of mobile marketing advantages continues to grow. Just get online and conduct a simple search. You will quickly learn that over the past several years numerous brands have re-invented their marketing strategy and incorporated mobile marketing. As a result, there are multiple businesses that are still looking to utilize mobile as a communication channel to engage their customers. AvidMobile has taken a few moments to highlight five mobile marketing advantages.

Five Mobile Marketing Advantages

Mobile is Ubiquitous

The large majority of mobile phone users have their mobile device within arm’s reach 90% of the time. For this reason, marketing messages can be sent when other forms of marketing are not available. Mobile marketing increases the opportunity to engage and communicate with directly with customers.

Perfect Timing

Marketing professions can schedule SMS messages, mobile coupons, and text marketing messages for the right time. In short, by taking the time to understand customers businesses can truly take advantage of purchasing habits to build the perfect frequency for delivering SMS marketing messages.

We use mobile for personal intimate communications

Mobile users are using their mobile devices on a regular basis to conduct personal business. After all, mobile devices are being used to manage finances, communicate with contacts, and even help mobile users find a date. Furthermore, consumers are trained to recognize communication via a mobile device as personal communication that is intended directly for them.Meanwhile, text message marketing allows brands to take advantage of this relationship and enrich the customer’s experience with the brand.

Mobile has a past, present, and a future

Smart and mobile devices have come a long way and are now an essential part of American life. As mobile technology has advanced the costs have decreased. Currently, smartphone devices are available at a variety of different price points making this technology available to a large variety of demographics. Mobile technology is moving forward with improvements to existing devices and the introduction of wearables consumers are increasing their availability and the opportunity for brands to reach them.

You can target with Mobile

Obviously, mobile marketing technology makes it simple to target specific groups. As a result, Big brands are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build location-based applications to reach their customers. While this works great for them this is not realistic for some medium and most small businesses. With SMS marketing these types of business can create custom keyword campaigns and have customers opt-in based on their interest. From there they can send mobile coupons or text blasts based on a specific list interest or send a blast to their entire database. Furthermore, the choice is theirs!

Final thoughts on the five mobile marketing advantages.

Mobile marketing is a powerful marketing tool that outperforms traditional marketing in a variety of areas. No matter a business’ size there are mobile marketing solutions to meet a variety of needs. Of course, most small businesses could benefit greatly by incorporating a mobile website, SMS marketing, and a web-based opt-in kiosk. Afterall, this is an affordable solution that allows them to get their message and products directly in front of their customers.

Incorporating these types of services is straightforward and affordable. Additionally, you can add these services directly.  In fact, you can create an opportunity for yourself and resell them to businesses for a profit. Take the first step and grab a free trial.