What is the right frequency for sending SMS mobile coupons?

SMS Mobile Coupons are great for small business.

Do you know average redemption rate for mobile phone numbers a text message blasts or SMS mobile coupon are sent to them? How often should I send my audience SMS mobile coupons? … And the questions keep coming.

The answer is always the same. SMS mobile coupon frequency varies by industry, offer, and the terms in which the end-user originally opted-in for.  The AvidMobile team has personally consulted and run mobile marketing campaigns for nearly every single industry in North America and even more worldwide. Retailers, Restaurants, Auto Dealers, MLM, Manufacturers, salons, and more have asked me some of these very same questions.

SMS Mobile Coupons and your industry.

Different industries and  different business models must first think about their customers and what their customers want or need. Customers don’t need more advertisements. Mobile subscribers need reminders, tips, education, recipes, and timely savings. Shoppers do not want or need the repeat messages asking them to buy. These indivudals are smart and will opt-out of SMS marketing if no value is perceived.

A few ways you can use mobile marketing and SMS coupons for your business.

Insurance Agents

Keep in touch with your customers. Send out a monthly newsletter or tip on ways to safeguard against the unenforceable future. In addition you can attract new customers using SMS mobile coupons to provide upfront savings.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

QSRs can send as many as 3 SMS offers a month. This truly depends on how often customers frequent the establishment and the nature of the offer.

Casual Dinning

Schedule out timed campaigns with SMS mobile coupons that provide savings for birthdays, special events, and date nights.

Salon & Spa

Use SMS marketing to share beauty tips and trends twice a month. Send out a SMS coupon once a month for savings on services or products.

Health Club & Gym

Twice a month schedule a SMS blast with health tips, workout tips, and then mixing in a mobile coupon or special offer along with it.

Service or Manufacturing Company

Successful brands base frequency on products and services.  Think about the product and services you provide clients and how often they purchase. This  will greatly affect how often you communicate with them via SMS.

Opt-out Rates Summary

When a consumer opts-in to a campaign whether by registering to purchase a product or service from a website, typing their mobile number into a kiosk at the point-of-sale, or texts into a short code from an advertisement they see, the offer needs to be clear and unambiguous. For instance,  if you opt your gym members into a database at registration for your gym, they should get a clear message presented to them. It should be clear that they could receive up to 3 messages per week with health tips, reminders, encouragement, and even special offers.

Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates

What is the average redemption rate on a mobile coupon?. This would be like gathering  all of the coupons from the Sunday paper and asking what the average redemption rate is on those, it doesn’t make sense.  Mobile Coupons redemption rates are directly relative to the value of the offer, the frequency of purchases made by the database of customers, how recently the database has opted in, the timing of the delivery of the offer, if it links to great visual representation, and many other factors. Average mobile coupon redemption rates vary across industries, for most offers redemption rates are around 1.2%.

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