SMS Marketing Software Small Businesses

SMS Marketing Software for Your Small Business.

Small businesses are using SMS marketing software to get their brand noticed by customers. They recognize that text message marketing is critical to their success. Using the best marketing tools to gain exposure is one of the major keys to generating more sales and reaching more customers. We all know customer loyalty differentiates your business from competitors.

SMS marketing software shouldn’t be a tough nut to crack.

In this post, we’ll explore an old school tool that has found it’s way into the new school of affordable marketing tools for small businesses who have a limited advertising war chest. Plus we will look at why you shouldn’t be missing out on this opportunity.

SMS marketing text messages make sense.

Why does your business need text message marketing? Check out these statistics.

  • Text messaging has a 98% open rate compared to email’s 20% open rate.
  • Text messaging has a 45% response rate.
  • It costs around 1 cent to send a text message, your ROI is great.

Going by the above, it makes a whole lot of sense for your business to go with this affordable and effective marketing tool. Start guaranteeing your business a significantly higher open and response rate. Start building your relationship with an SMS marketing software provider. AvidMobile specializes in text messaging marketing and helping customers build their brand.

Benefits of using SMS marketing software in your business.

Text messaging makes perfect sense for your small business. With SMS marketing software you incorporate the speed, efficiency and personal touch of a text message for your marketing needs. You break the barrier and can communicate directly with customers.

  • Create and send an SMS marketing campaign in a matter of minutes
  • Share custom links with customers and drive traffic to your site
  • Create custom keywords and tie them to online forms to quickly build a database
  • Use your SMS marketing software to create specific databases and deliver custom content

Business also use text messaging to …

On top of more traditional text marketing campaigns SMS marketing software allows your business to receive and respond to inbound inquiries from customers. Don’t forget last minute offers can be sent out in order to help your business move unwanted stock or fill vacant slots. No matter what your business goals are you can use text messaging to reach more people and build your brand. Start looking at SMS marketing software providers today and start sending text message tomorrow.


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