Six Facts Supporting SMS Mobile Coupons


As mobile technology continues to advance SMS mobile coupons become more and more relevant. Since 2013 SMS mobile coupon usage has increased by almost  51%. As the mobile coupon becomes the standard usage and redemption rates will continue to grow. Digital coupons provide a trackable and cost effective way to deliver discounts directly to the target audience. One of the big attractions to SMS mobile coupons is their versatility and ability to be sent at the right moment. Avidmobile has compiled six facts supporting SMS mobile coupons.


Fact One

Consumers want the best deal and best value when shopping. According to Mobile Commerce Daily 96% of consumers will search for a mobile coupon during 2015!

This Fact Two

Shoppers equipped with smartphones are willing to take a moment to stop and search for a mobile deal. This demographic is 3x more likely to use their device in-store to claim mobile coupons and discounts.

Fact Three

Don’t be afraid to blast out SMS mobile coupons to customers. A well timed coupon blast can lead to additional transactions. Approximately 50% of consumers will make a purchase after receiving a SMS coupon!

Fact Four

Consumers are taking the time to search for mobile discounts. In 2015 over 70% of consumers accessed mobile discounts using their smartphone or tablet.

Fact Five

Retailers must have an eCommerce to sell their merchandise. By 2017 mobile devices are estimated to make up 87 % of online sales.

Fact Six

Mobile isn’t going anywhere. In 2014 CNN reported that for the first time in history more people used tablets and smartphones to access the internet than PC