SMS Aggregators / Gateways

If you have developed a mobile application and are in need to connect to carriers, you will need an SMS Aggregator to finish out your project.  There are a number of companies that offer SMS aggregator / gateway services also referred to as SMS Aggregators.  Some of the following do have direct connections to carriers and some of the following don’t.  So with that in mind, when selecting the right one, know that the connection may have impact on pricing.

Here a a few of the larger and well-known SMS Aggregator providers.

  • mBlox is Global
  • Verisign is Global
  • Clickatell is Global
  • Motricity is Global
  • Air2Web is Global
  • Open Market is US and North America
  • Kapow is United Kingdom
  • Single Point is US and North America

Here are some things you need to know before choosing the right one:

  • Be sure to contact them all so that you fully understand their rates and program so that you can find the one provider who offers better rates and customer support.
  • Be sure to ask about their payment terms.  This is critical when your plan is to leverage SMS billing.  They all offer different types of plans, expedited payment programs can ensure you get your money sooner than you would if wait for the carriers to settle up with the sms aggregator.
  • If you are looking to run a simple SMS Marketing campaign, you might consider looking into a pre-built application.  With this plan, you will be able to leverage managed services instead of having to build your own SMS application and then acquire a SMS aggregator.  This plan can save you tons of money and time if your plan is to simply use SMS as a simple marketing tool for your business.

With the above information, you can begin the process by contacting all the SMS aggregators listed in hopes to find the right fit for your business.  Remember, when all else fails and the process is to overwhelming, look into a company that has already built the application, connected to the SMS Aggregators and will offer you a white label solution to achieve your business goals.