Using the Mobile Website Builder to Respond To Your Business Needs

Utilizing the fullest extent of your SMS reach can be challenging. You’re being asked to reach your market and promote the essential qualities of your product in 160 characters, while at the same time providing a call to action that brings them into your storefront, virtual or otherwise. How do you utilize that space at its most efficient? How do you make every single one of those characters count?

AvidMobile offers a number of tools to help you do just that, and the Mobile Website Builder is one of the best. Utilizing link shortening technology, you can open up a whole world of opportunities to speak to your potential users … while still having the economy of space to craft a message that will bring them to see it in the first place.

The Mobile Website Builder helps even the most novice users develop a site that is clever, sharp, clean, and professional, and host a variety of potential services, from mobile marketplaces for shopping carts, to RSVP forms, to sign-ups for special deals … and ways for you to get closer to your market than before. A quick reference to real estate, a schedule of upcoming events, a quick look at a Facebook or Twitter feed, it can be put together in literally minutes. If there’s a marketing goal you want to accomplish, whatever you imagine, it can be achieved with making a mobile website. The technology of the web is paramount to reaching your customers, and has been for years.

Now, with the ability to craft mobile websites on the fly, you can bring exactly what they’re looking for directly to their phones, in a clean and professional form which will connect them to your business … and connect your business to your clients, wherever they happen to be. Come with AvidMobile, and let us help get you there.