SMS API Security is Just As Important As Reliability


SMS API Security is Just As Important As Reliability

SMS messaging has become a powerful tool for a variety of industries. With hospitals, dentist offices, and financial institutions utilizing the power of mobile to communicate with their patients and customers, SMS security has become a priority. Unlike the retail industry, the medical and financial industries share more secure information and in turn require a SMS API that can protect that information.

AvidMobile has placed validation tools and redundancies to ensure the information is available and more powerful for these SMS users.

Redundancies in storage and DDOS protections

With multiple services hosted across the country, AvidMobile has built a network of back-ups that can seamlessly switch over in the case of an outage. In addition, we have partnered with one of the largest DDOS protections firms so we can withstand attacks while our application runs at peak performance.

An application built on a LAMP stack

Our database servers do full backups every night in addition to  binary logging for every transaction in order to maintain your complete data integrity. By following best practice programming standards, AvidMobile’s application eliminates vulnerabilities faced by many other SaaS such as SQL injection, XSS, Remote File Inclusion and Session Hijacking.

Privacy is a serious matter

AvidMobile understands privacy and takes client privacy seriously. We have incorporated strict  programming standards to secure our customers’ data. We ensure that any sensitive data is secure and can’t fall victim to packet sniffing or other types of attacks.

AvidMobile offers a ready to use SMS marketing application or the ability to create custom messages using our JSON SMS API. Both products can help you meet your SMS marketing needs. Give us a call at 877-511-6624 to discuss your SMS goals, or you can contact us here!