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SMS Application Provider

Looking to supply to distribute mobile marketing to sports teams? Across the nation there are an abundance of high schools, colleges, semiprofessional & professional team. At AvidMobile we have experience in helping these groups experience significant gains in profit margins.

I am sure several of you have an experience where you attended an NFL (National Football League) and MLB (Major League Baseball) game, or even just watched one on TV. One thing you notice is several of them use sms marketing, and have their audience text in for an abundance of things included the chance to win awesome prizes, for a guaranteed discount, or just to see their comments up on a big screen on the stadium. They are expert marketers, and do this to incentivize individuals to opt in, so they can promote and market to them later.

Keep in mind, not every college and high school utilizes mobile marketing because they do not understand how it can benefit them. By running the right sophisticated campaigns, they can build a targeted database they can market to later. When they market to these customers, they will give them initiative to purchase tickets to an upcoming game, buy merchandise supporting their team of choice, or get them to download a mobile website containing the teams schedule and information.

When you take this opportunity to a team and show them how you can potentially double or even triple their attendance and help them increase merchandise sales, there is absolutely no way anyone in their right mind will turn you away. At AvidMobile, not only will we educate you on how to approach this industry from our first hand real world experience, but we’ll also give you all the tools you need to blow them away.

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