SMS Applications & The Future of Mobile Marketing

SMS Applications & The Future of Mobile Marketing

There is no disputing that the future of marketing lies in mobile marketing and SMS applications. The instant communication and widespread worldwide adoption of smartphones has guaranteed that much. Right now SMS platform providers like AvidMobile are helping their clients build their business with SMS. Text message marketing has proven itself time and time again as an effective marketing tool.

Forms of Mobile Advertising…

It can be a confusing matrix for marketers who know they need to get into the mobile marketing game but aren’t sure where to begin. After all, there are numerous forms they may choose from, including:

  • SMS/Text
  • Mobile App Display / Search Ads
  • Rich Media / Video
  • Notifications
  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile Application

SMS Applications Lack The Hype, But The Legacy Is Enduring.

You may not hear a lot of hype about texting, but it’s a time-tested method of advertising — and it’s popular. A 2011 study by ABI Research found that consumers would send over 5 trillion texts over the course of the year. Of the 5 billion mobile subscribers, over 60 percent use text. Furthermore, 90 percent of all messages are read within 3 minutes with a 99 percent open rate, according to SinglePoint. This all tells us that consumers are comfortable with SMS and that it’s a sure-fire way to get your marketing message in front of consumers (far better than email or any other medium.)

Why SMS?

Marketers prefer SMS mobile marketing because it’s unparalleled in terms of immediacy. As a marketer, you can get your message out to the masses immediately and optimize in real-time to drive traffic. You can include links to videos, rich media, mobile sites, games, contact forms, images, or landing pages where prospects can take action. Response rates are generally attractive and Return On Investment is easy with such an affordable medium. Best of all, you can measure the ROI easily with all the mobile tools out there.

All You Need To Get Started Is A Platform!

You may find tons of sellers offering access to their SMS applicationĀ — for a premium. Here at AvidMobile, we are offering you access to our mobile platform without all the mark-up because we’ve actually developed the software ourselves! You needn’t worry about up-scaling or buying a big enough package. Simply pay a small access fee each month to use our technology freely, without boundaries. As a reseller you can brand our services as your own and let us help you on the backend — whether it’s giving you access to over 40 hours of marketing tutorials to improve your results or answering any question you may have.


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