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Resellers are using their SMS reseller platform to help business compete in the digital age. Right now business owners are opening their minds to new ways to market their brand. These owners are migrating to mobile responsive websites. This ensures a quality user experience for potential customers. Secondly, they are utilizing SMS messaging in their marketing campaigns. With text messaging these brands can send out The text messaging campaigns provide them with an affordable and effective way to reach their customers.

Take a look around you. Big brands like Target, AMC Theatres, and others are sending out offers and updates via text messaging. Medium to small business are partnering with an SMS reseller and licensing their SMS Reseller Platform. This allows these brands to build custom keywords, send out mobile coupons, and share text message updates. However, one of the biggest challenges these businesses have is finding a reputable, resourceful, and knowledgeable SMS reseller. This is where you or your agency comes into play.

Getting started with an SMS reseller platform takes planning.

We’ve seen it a million times. Resellers who believe SMS to be an end-all-be-all solution to helping businesses grow. The marketing solution their clients have been praying for. However, many of these resellers fail. The common issue among them is that they do not teach their clients how to use the product. More importantly, they don’t help them build out an SMS marketing plan. Business owners need to partner up with an SMS Reseller that provides the best SMS platform and technology. On top of that, they should work with resellers who teach them how to implement and manage the platform. Utilizing every available resource will make the endeavor as productive as possible.

Avidmobile’s SMS reseller platform customers provide customers with access to our Reseller Content. Reseller Content provides sales, marketing, and assets to help resellers succeed. Our resellers are gain access to a plethora of knowledge, guidance, and training. There are Powerpoints that you can brand for your own presentations. Alongside that you’ll gain access to our CEO’s sales recorded sales call, and much more. In fact, much of this information is at your disposal 24/7.  Much of this content has been us to pitch Fortune 100 C-level executives. Our SMS reseller platform equips you to get started quickly. More importantly, it gives you the skillset to help both you and your clients succeed.

AvidMobile’s SMS reseller platform.

AvidMobile’s SMS reseller platform has one more thing that sets it apart. Namely our marketing support team. We have actually gone out and sold this product, implemented it into 2,000+ restaurants and retail establishments, and seen first-hand what works and what produces results. Our team cut our teeth doing EXACTLY what our resellers are doing. Experience has taught us what works. This is why we teach our resellers to make gains and move the register for their clients. Through an in depth onboarding process and ongoing training, we make sure you’ve got the tools you need to succeed.

Hundreds of Thousands of businesses will be hitting the Internet, browsing business journals,  and patrolling trade shows over the next few years looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition. They need a way to stay top of mind with their customers, ways to drive business down aisles that not enough customers travel down, and also make sure that when people are searching for their business, they are easily found and not lost in cyberspace.  They are In search of a Short Code Marketing Reseller. Sign up for a free trial today. Get in the game and be the change that your clients needed.