Acquiring an SMS Gateway

How can I acquire a SMS gateway?

Before you can send a single SMS message you must partner with a SMS gateway provider. There are multiple working parts that are involved when sending SMS messages across US carriers, Canadian carriers, or even carriers worldwide. When it comes to SMS marketing the gateway to the carriers is the most important element. There are three main parts that make SMS messaging like this possible, today we’re reviewing all three of them.

One | An SMS Application or API

In order to send a regional or international text message you must first have the ability to deliver this text message using the internet. Developers can accomplish this using an SMS Gateway and corresponding SMS API. With an SMS API you provide a DID or phone number and deliver an SMS on demand. For those of us who are not developers an SMS application is the way to go. An SMS application allows you to log in with your credentials and quickly create messages and deliver them to the mobile numbers that have opted into your database.

Two | A short code or long code

For most countries, including the US or Canada, you will need a short code or long code to deliver your SMS messages. Most application providers provide you with short codes or long codes to deliver your messages. When a text message is delivered through the SMS gateway to an individual this short code or long code will appear in the From field on the end users mobile device. For those using a 2-way API or SMS application the end user can even reply to your SMS message. This allows you to receive reply messages via a callback URL or directly inside the SMS application itself.

Three | Competitive Pricing

Aggregators and select application providers already have contracts with the carriers around the world making it quick and easy to get you set-up to send SMS messages worldwide. SMS pricing varies from region to region and around the world. In addition the ability to obtain short codes, long codes, or even 2-way will vary based the SMS gateway application provider you decide to work with for your SMS needs.

Your next step.

Are you looking to send and receive 2-way SMS or even deliver 1-way SMS messages via an SMS gateway? You’re going to need all of the above to make that happen. Fortunately, select providers like AvidMobile have it all, and in most circumstances can get you sending SMS messages today! Plug into our SMS API and use our application to create and send SMS. You can even resell our SMS application and other features for profit. AvidMobile has the industry’s best SMS pricing bar none.


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