Text Message Marketing Services for TV

Combine text message marketing services and TV.

As more businesses continue to incorporate text message marketing services, cross channel marketing becomes even more important. In addition television has been around longer than many of us have been alive. At this moment some marketers are questioning the relevance of television advertising when compared to SMS, mobile marketing, and other digital forms of advertising. Also, Mobile Marketing Watch recently published an an article explaining how advertising on TV has directly influenced website traffic and increased transactions.

AvidMobile believes TV to be a relevant marketing channel. With a little creativity television commercials can engage their customers by incorporating SMS marketing ideas and concepts. In the meantime think about how much time you spend on your phone while watching TV.

Integrate television and Text Message Marketing Services.

Text Message Coupons

One of the most common ways businesses can use TV advertising to drive SMS opt-ins is to offer a SMS mobile coupon. By providing a 1-time redeemable text message coupon businesses can capture a mobile number in exchange for providing the end user with a discount. Small and local businesses should focus on this as a method of building their database of local customers. On top of that this can help them improve their re-marketing reach for future sales and promotions.

Utilize Your Website

If a business is already running a spot on TV they can still utilize their website to land SMS opt-ins. Updating and adding a web widget is simple and can lead to new opt-ins. With text message marketing services adding a simple form to a website to capture an SMS opt in is easy. More importantly, for many small and medium sized businesses this is an easy and affordable way to build a SMS database.

Use text message marketing services to share experiences

Consumers love to share their stories and experiences. It doesn’t matter if it’s on social media, TV, or radio. Brands can get the ball rolling by using text message marketing services to encourage people to share their personal stories. By adding a few short sentences and a little bit of copy, TV shows and commercials can invite customers to text to share their experiences. This is a great way to generate organic growth and show consumers engaging with a brand.


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