SMS HTTP Gateways and Your Business

Start using an SMS HTTP to send text message communications.

If you’re looking at getting started with an SMS API, it’s important to know what an SMS HTTP gateway is. Your text message communications have to come from somewhere, right? Well, think of the gateway as your behind the scenes command center. That may sound more high tech than it actually is, but it’s the tool that puts you in control of your text message communications.

What is an SMS HTTP Gateway?

An SMS HTTP opens a line of communication between your business and a SMS application provider. By using a HTTP protocol you are able to  program and deliver custom text messages based off of end user input directly from a web browser. You establish your guidelines for input and deliver text message communications ranging in topic from security to marketing based communications.

a screen of sms http code with white text over it that explains that SMS APIs are flexible.


Two reasons businesses use SMS HTTP Gateways.

SMS HTTP gateways are flexible.

One of the best things about a SMS gateway is that you can determine exactly how your SMS campaigns will work. Yes, you have the basic functionality to send out texts and receive replies. But, you can do so much more than that! Right now business are sending two factor authentication, account related information, and a variety of other communications via text messaging. With an SMS HTTP gateway you can send focused messages, schedule them in advance, and confirm the delivery status. This type of big data allows business to make better decisions about communication and increase the effectiveness of communications.

SMS HTTP gateways provide big data.

By using an SMS API you can track different information – See who is clicking on things, who is opening your messages, and who is responding to them. It’s an easy to program interface that makes SMS marketing an even more viable option for your business, even if you’ve never used it before. Every business wants a more trackable success rate for their marketing campaigns. Using an SMS mobile marketing gateway is an easy way to do that. All you have to do is create your campaign and watch it work. Consider it to be your own personal platform when it comes to a your SMS campaign needs.

Choosing the right SMS gateway for you.

Don’t take this this decision lightly. There are a multiple competitors in the space, and selecting the right one will have an impact on your business. The majority of SMS HTTP gateway providers are competitively priced. Check out their API documentation page, throughput, and reliability. AvidMobile offers a documented API, high throughput, and outstanding reliability. Go ahead take a moment an try us out.