SMS Marketing Effectiveness

How Effective Is SMS Marketing?

Over the past several years the amount of attention SMS and mobile marketing have received has continued to grow. As the mobile marketing industry has continued to expand so has the importance of SMS marketing. Today, some marketers argue that SMS marketing is not an effective marketing tool. AvidMobile has to disagree. As a result when used as part of a cross-channel communication plan SMS marketing has proven itself time and time again. Currently there are thousands of business out there using SMS marketing to drive transactions and increase revenue.

tablet and smart phone SMS marketing illustration

Here are five reasons your business should be using SMS marketing.

Marketing Text messages get opens.

Open rates are important when sending email or SMS messages. Each open means a new consumer was exposed to your marketing message. With an open rate of nearly 98% SMS marketing is a powerful and effective way for your brand to communicate with your consumers.

Mobile users opt-in to engage with a brand.

Customers who have chosen to join an SMS programs are making a conscious effort to interact with your business. More importantly the customer has vested themselves into the brand and invited the brand to interact with them at a later date. No business should ever let this awesome opportunity pass them by.

SMS allows for personal communication.

There are a variety of studies that show smartphone users have developed an emotional tie to their device. As a result a great deal of personal and intimate communication takes place via a mobile device. SMS marketing produces a unique communication channel that opens the door for a business, allowing them to directly communicate with their customers.

A well timed SMS promotion drives foot traffic to a store.

It’s 4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon and the office is tossing around ideas for tonight’s happy hour. A fellow team member receives a SMS mobile coupon from the local joint down the road reminding them of happy hour specials and offering a mobile coupon for a free premium appetizer. Where do you think this team is headed after work?

SMS marketing allows business to truly reward their most loyal customers.

If someone is passionate about your brand and you recognize and reward that, then the customer is likely to remain loyal. As we mentioned earlier, consumers choose to opt in to SMS marketing campaigns. This provides your business with the opportunity to reward and re market your best customers. Your customers want to feel exclusive, and SMS allows your brand to create personal communications and individually reward loyal patrons.

AvidMobile makes it easy to get started with SMS marketing. Learn more and sign up for your trial account today.