SMS Marketing Tips For Success

SMS Marketing Tips for Success

The AvidMobile support team has compiled seven SMS marketing tips for running a successful text message campaign. SMS marketing is a powerful business tool, and when used correctly, drives additional transactions. As we all know, the open rate for SMS marketing messages is close to 100%. By building exciting and engaging SMS marketing campaigns some mobile marketers have hit redemption rates upwards of 30%.

AvidMobile has compiled seven SMS marketing tips for your next text message campaign.

Mix it up and don’t overload the audience

Sending SMS marketing messages to your audience is important. Sending four or more messages per month could overload them. Especially if you are sending them the same offer every time. Do the research. Find out what types of offers engage your audience and drive additional transactions.

Messages should be engaging and fun

Keep SMS blast messages light-hearted and fun. By doing this you will minimize opt-outs as your customers will be excited to receive your messages.

Keep messages concise with proper spelling

Make it easy for your customers to grasp the subject matter and understand the promotion. Take a few minutes to proofread. Customers may not take you seriously if you constantly send messages with spelling errors.

Combine social media and messaging for a fully interactive experience

Use SMS messaging to drive traffic to your social media outlet. By doing so you are helping to build your brand. By adding the social media piece you will be able to reach the maximum number of customers and impact your ROI.

Treat your mobile members like VIP

Mobile customers are customers who have engaged with your brand and have had recent transactions. They see value in your products and have exchanged personal information with you. Let them know you are thankful. Reward them with offers that are exclusive to mobile club members only.

Don’t be afraid to send a link

You don’t have to say it all in a text message. Insert a link and let customers visit your mobile website, Facebook page, or landing page to find out more about the special events and offers. This is a great way to create buzz for new products, sales, and other special promotions.

SMS marketing plays well with others

Combine marketing strategies. When building radio spots, television commercials, and print advertisements don’t forget to include mobile. All marketing efforts should invite current and potential customers to opt-in to receive marketing SMS messages. The larger your database the greater your brand’s footprint.

There are many businesses out there that are looking to incorporate SMS messaging to reach their customers and drive additional transactions. By becoming a mobile marketing white label reseller, one can meet this demand and provide SMS marketing. Getting started is easy. Call us at 877-511-6624.