Mobile Responsive Email: Improve with These 5 Tips

Improve your Mobile Responsive Email with These 5 Tips.

As consumers continue to purchase tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches it is imperative that businesses are sending mobile a responsive email. Email is a powerful and affordable marketing tool that when done right can produce a high ROI. Moreover, without mobile responsive email, a company’s marketing messages will fall short.

We have compiled five tips for producing quality mobile responsive emails.

Quality over Quantity

When building a contact list for a business, purchasing large lists of contacts is not always the best option. Similarly, a business that is looking to drive transactions and increase revenue should focus on those who have expressed a direct interest in spending money with that business. By focusing on this subset of individuals, building a targeted mobile responsive email is easy. Likewise, utilizing a focused contact list, a brand can provide the offers that their customers respond too. Start building a quality list from the beginning. Provide an initial offer that customers cannot refuse.

Numbers talk

Take the time to look at reporting. Businesses that understand how their mobile responsive emails are responding are able to make the changes that improve their ROI. Find out how many people are opening emails and how they are engaging with the message. If there is a high number of bounces, then clean up the list. Don’t pay to send messages to an email address that will never receive it. Start tracking open rates and bounces to find out what works and what doesn’t work.

No two customers are the same

Take a moment to understand the customer. With this in mind, is the information being sent in an email intended for all audiences? By understanding customers a business can create focused groups and send specific emails to those groups. This will ensure the best message is being sent to the right audience. Finally, it makes the customer feel important and shows that the business understands them and their specific needs.

Keep it Relevant

Consumers share their info because they perceive a value. In fact, this is no different for email marketing. When customers sign up to receive email offers/news they expect to receive mobile responsive emails that pertain to the original opt-in message. Businesses that stray away from this are losing email addresses as their customers feel the information is no longer relevant to them. Hence why you should remember why your customers are signing up and stay true to that.

Automated emails don’t guarantee revenue

We’re all busy, and being able to schedule timely mobile responsive emails is important. There are numerous companies that send automated emails with positive results. When scheduling emails make sure they are well-timed, creative, and have a subject line to grab the audience’s attention. Don’t annoy the customer with a bunch of pointless emails. It’s the fastest way to turn them off to your brand.

By combining mobile responsive email with SMS marketing and social media, many businesses are taking marketing to the next level and creating new mobile-friendly experiences for their customers. These experiences create excitement and drive sales. Want to take your business to the next level? Contact AvidMobile and find out how our all-in-one marketing hub can help you reach your business goals. Grab a free mobile marketing account or give us a call at 877-511-6624 to see how our application can work for you.