SMS Marketing Application Use Cases

SMS marketing application common use cases.

Everyday brands use an SMS marketing application to market their products and services via text messaging. On top of that many of them use the application to conduct market research, run contests, and send out account updates to mobile subscribers. No matter what type of business or organization SMS marketing can benefit it.  Text message marketing services allow for a unique personal type of marketing. This level of marketing just isn’t available with other marketing mediums. Application providers like AvidMobile are enabling their clients achieve their SMS marketing goals, regardless the size of their marketing budgets.

Truth be told there are skeptics who believe SMS to be an invasive form of spam. In some cases, just like with email or telemarketing, they couldn’t be more correct. Currently, there are numerous brands who meticulously follow CITA guidelines and best practices. They’re successfully building compliant lists of interested customers. In addition SMS marketing application providers are improving services to further ensure compliance. As a result this ensures mobile subscribers are only getting text messages they opt-in for. It’s in these specific cases that SMS marketers experience the best results with their SMS marketing messages.

Your SMS Marketing Application in Action

By now it should becoming more clear as to why an SMS marketing application is a viable marketing solution for your business. For most getting subscribed to an application provider is a straight forward process. Putting your plan in action is the next challenge. Stop for a moment and think about your current marketing efforts. How can SMS marketing enhance them? Does your brand run contests, send coupons, or share special offers on social media? If you answered, “Yes.” then SMS marketing will work great for you.

We’ve listed a several ways AvidMobile clients use their SMS marketing Application to interact with their database.

Create custom User Keywords

Creating branded User Keywords and unique reply messages are a great way to quickly grow your database. User Keywords are created inside the SMS marketing application and live in minutes. Furthermore adding additional keyword features like 1-time redeemable coupons and keyword activity notifications allow you to take SMS to the next level.

Custom SMS Blast Campaigns

Pushing out text messages to your database is a great way to generate interest for your business or organization. Campaigns allow you to build custom text blast messages and instantly deliver them to your audience.  Take the SMS marketing application to the next level and add custom 1- time redeemable coupons.

Custom SMS API Campaigns

In addition to marketing and promotional style text messages you can use SMS to send out account info, 2-factor authentication, and engage in advanced 2 way SMS. With AvidMobile’s  SMS API you can integrate third party systems and programming custom text message campaigns. Of course this is only a scratch in the surface of what can be done with an SMS Marketing Platform and a SMS API

Detailed Reporting Information

Reporting data is important. As a matter of act gauging your campaigns effectiveness is rather difficult. Our application gives you access to detailed carrier information, time-stamps, opt-outs, and as well as usage information. Users can download this inside the application and use to help gain insight and measure results.


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