SMS Marketing Business Quick Launch

Learn how to quickly launch your SMS marketing business.

Many businesses have begun tapping into the power of SMS marketing business application providers as a bridge in increasing their client base, reaching sales targets and increasing their user engagement metrics. However, despite the myriad advantages of SMS marketing, you can still get it wrong.

So to quickly launch your SMS marketing business and enjoy the mouth watering benefits, here are seven things SMS marketing businesses should consider.

1. Have A Clearly Defined SMS Marketing Business Sales Goal

The essence of having a sales goal is for you to know what marketing target your team is aiming at. Besides having a sales goal, did you know that 80% of companies set the wrong kind of goals? Bet you didn’t see that coming! So from the start, these companies set themselves up to fail.

Because despite the glowing benefits of SMS marketing, without the proper sales goal geared to it, all your SMS marketing efforts would be a waste of time and money. With no results to show for your efforts. The good news however, is that you can ameliorate this negative by setting S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time based) activity goals.

What are activity goals? For starters activity goals aren’t ‘result oriented’. They focus more on certain activities that you have power over. For example, an activity goal would be something like: Using text messages to set up 5 new appointments each week. As opposed to making five $1,000 sales every week.

2. Create A Marketing Strategy

Before launching your SMS marketing business, you want to ensure that you have a marketing strategy guiding the decisions, tools, and products you employ in all your mobile marketing efforts.

Consequently, your marketing has to address user needs. You waste precious time, money and effort, when your SMS marketing business doesn’t cater to or address any of your users pressing needs. In order to identify user needs, you need to find out who your users are. What do they want, and how can you help them get what they want?

To fully cater to their needs, and present tailor-made solutions to the problems your users face daily. You’ll require a certain amount of data about them. Having such a data pays off at the long run; and gives your SMS marketing business a clear direction to follow for the attainment of its mobile marketing efforts.

3. Create A Customer Profile

This is actually point number one in this sequence. You want to know who your typical user or customer is. A useful customer profile is an essential ingredient for the quick launch of an SMS marketing business.Ideally, before you setup your SMS marketing business; you should be able to clearly define your customer or end users.

You’d want to include their demographics, location; where do they hangout? Browsing habits and personality, what are they attracted to online and offline? Additionally, you should also strive to understand their purchasing power, habits and preference.

Then tie it all into your SMS marketing strategy, by positioning your business as a tailor-made solution to their needs.

4. Choose An Effective SMS Provider For Your SMS Marketing

You could have created a detailed customer profile, have the best marketing strategy, and have a specific and achievable sales goal to boot. But if your SMS provider is unprofessional and offers shoddy service; all your carefully optimized plans will blow up on your face!

With a myriad of SMS providers out there, choosing the right one for your business is optimal for your overall growth, and brand image.Before you select an SMS provider, you want to make sure that they are the right fit for your business needs. Your SMS provider has got to be tailored to work in tandem with your online and offline marketing efforts.

Hence your SMS provider has to clearly itemize the various products they have on offer, their prices; advantages and drawbacks of using each product. This is not a process you should do on your own. To help you make the right decisions, your provider will guide you at every step of the way.

Their should be no unpleasant surprises in the services they offer you. No hidden costs, and in turn; they should offer you stellar value for money.

5. Get the best support for your SMS Marketing Business

Another attribute to consider is the availability of a dedicated support team to answer every question you have. Your SMS provider should help you set up and automate your SMS Marketing strategy.

Ideally, you want to go with a provider that will give you an in-depth training on how to make use of its APIs. In addition to that, they have to answer your questions, guide and help you along every step till your business is properly configured and setup.

6. Their application should reach your database

One more thing to consider is their network coverage. Many SMS gateway vendors make few free SMS messages available to new users. You can use them to test the SMS gateway provider’s overall coverage.

7. Consistent Lead Generation And User Engagement

As a new business with the help of your SMS provider, you can setup a website for lead generation, where interested mobile users can opt-in to receive your messages and connect with your brand. Personalize your text messages; and address your users directly with content relevant to their persona.

In addition to that, make use of the power of User Generated Content (UGCs); match your promotion type to your audience. Have customers share personal stories, exchange ideas and promote content created by them. Finally, use UGCs to drive conversations, increase your SMS marketing business’s brand awareness and multiply your sales.

In return offer your customers an exclusive product or deal that makes their lives easier or lightens their workloads perceptibly.

In closing …

Here at AvidMobile, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. In fact we have worked hard to produce a reliable application and some of the best support to ensure your SMS marketing business is successful.

There you have it. Use this post as a quick guide to help you launch your SMS marketing business with an unforgettable bang!